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General Questions

1. What is Four Oceans all about?

The philosophy of Four Oceans is to see every individual and business involved achieve wins – and lots of them.

We're dedicated to helping people in the community find the best deals on the things they love! We’re passionate about turning the traditional daily deals model on its head; making sure that the merchants providing deals have terms and conditions that favour them.

Four Oceans is all about bettering the world while helping its members achieve success and the lifestyles they desire.

2. How does it work?

Four Oceans is a deals site with a difference. Our model is designed so that every time a deal is purchased we reward:

1. The merchant (business) providing the deal;
2. The Four Oceans member who introduced the merchant to Four Oceans;
3. The Four Oceans member who actually buys the deal; and
4. The wider community

Members of Four Oceans get paid for buying great experiences and products while encouraging others to do the same, and our merchants benefit by attaining new customers through deals that favour them.

3. Do you have to join Four Oceans to access the deals?

There are two types of Four Oceans members – Customers and Deal Promoters.

Joining as a Four Oceans Customer is free and gives you access to all our deals.
Deal Promoters get access to all the deals, plus all our other benefits (e.g. access to our community rewards program).

4. How does Four Oceans support the community?

Our unique charity deals module supports local and international charities in their respective quests to improve the world. Four Oceans also supports communities through helping quality businesses grow and strive, which benefits the overall economy of a community.

5. How do I join?

Firstly, you need to decide which kind of Four Oceans member you want to be. Customers can join for free and have access to all our great deals. Deal Promoters pay $199 for their Four Oceans club package, which includes a deal experience voucher and a lifetime membership with Four Oceans.

For more details about the benefits of becoming a Deal Promoter, see our join now page. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to register through the site of the Deal Promoter that originally introduced Four Oceans to you.